Book Review: The Hockey Saint (and the saintly deeds)


Paperback, 133 pages
Published September 10th 2014 by Animal Media Group


Twenty-one year old Jeremiah Jacobson is the world’s best hockey player, but he wasn’t prepared for the frenzy and scrutiny that came with that title. Tom Leonard is an average college sophomore… just a guy trying to find his place in the world as he sorts through issues that are both very real and seemingly insurmountable.

Through a chance meeting, these two strike up an unlikely friendship. Their bond is tested when Tom discovers that his idol isn’t as perfect up close as he seems from afar. With Jeremiah living a little too much in the moment and with his past catching up to him, will Tom be able to help him before it’s too late?

This book is the sequel to The Stereotypical Freaks. This was sent to me by Mr. Howard Shapiro of the Animal Media Group ( for another honest review. 😁


This is a book about hockey players and I was expecting to see them play some hockey. BUT I HAVEN’T WITNESSED ANY REALISTIC HOCKEY ACTION IN THE BOOK.giphy (2).gif

Anyway, this book has superb character development. Both characters went from being awful and somewhat annoying to being likeable and heroic. They reconciled their differences and took advantage of their shared characteristics. Both of them have impacted on each other’s life. I guess that’s what friendship is all about. 🙂

You should read the book to see and know it for yourself. I promise you, you will also realize a lot of things and be a changed man or woman eventually. 😁


A person’s physical appearance does not truly reflect the person’s true identity. It does not mean that when he’s brusque, he has a stone-cold heart. We should learn to accept each other’s differences. We should not judge a book by its cover, they say – it also holds true for human beings. We should be open-minded and kindhearted to all the people we encounter – whether they’re white or colored, rich or poor. After all, we’re all the same in the eyes of Our Creator. Xoxo

MY RATING: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

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