Book Review: Mascara (and other drama) 


Paperback, 194 pages
Published February 11th 2015


Meet MASCARA – which stands for Mara, Asher, Sue, Carmen, Amanda, Rachel and Adrianna, respectively. They are prep school Saint Lawrence Academy’s elitist clique of girls who have everything. Literally, everything.
Members of MASCARA have their own app (built by Asher’s tech magnate father who built Sutherland Enterprises from the ground up). They each hold a chair position like Social Media Chair, Fashion Chair, Community Chair, or Beauty Chair to keep them abreast at monthly meetings of what’s trending before it’s even trending. Translation? They know all of the best clothes, accessories, products, apps and events before they’re even out. They wear their signature cobalt blue mascara on a daily basis. They are the girls everyone at school wants to wake up and switch lives with.
Each year, MASCARA gives bids to incoming freshman to pledge for the upcoming vacancies left by graduating seniors. Girls know they’ve been picked if the cobalt blue mascara is taped to their locker. However, only girls blessed to have a first name starting with the letters in “MASCARA” are even given the chance. Pledging this clique is far from simple, rule-laden, and has seen a whole lot of awry-going – like using fake online dating profiles to flirt with the gym teacher or putting the school up for sale to the highest bidder.
This year, Jorie Carr, (attention-defecit, dreamer extraordinaire) who changed her name after a second grade bully couldn’t get enough of “Marjorie Carjorie,” and her best friend Abby Port enrolled in Saint Lawrence against all things logical and public school. Marjorie a.k.a. Jorie gets a bid (the cobalt blue mascara taped to her locker) and Abby doesn’t despite the fact that Abby was the one who told Jorie about it all in the first place. Life sure isn’t fair in high school and it gets a whole lot more unfair as pledging unravels.
Luckily, there are a few incentives to keep Jorie going. Namely, junior Derek Mackey. Oh, and the overwhelming desire to have hair like Asher Sutherland.
Explore Jorie’s quirky look at pledging a high school sorority through the eyes of a self-conscious freshman who just so happens to have had the good fortune to become accepted by the most popular seniors. It’ll leave you crushing on cobalt blue for always. #allblueeverything

This book was a prize from a giveaway hosted by Ate Tin ( and the author, Ms. Amanda Palasciano. This was the first book giveaway that I’ve won, and I was so happy at that time. So in return, I made a review for this book even though I wasn’t asked for it. 🙂


Typical High School drama – just taken to a new perspective. Of course, there’s always the cliques, the bullies, the jocks, the normals, and everything in between. But there’s a new spice added to that typical drama. The protagonist wasn’t the one being bullied – she was torn between being a good friend and being the new IT girl.

Maybe you can relate to the protagonist, Marjorie, whose life was changed forever by a single thing – in her case a cobalt blue mascara. From then on, she must choose what path she should take – to be normal or to be famous. Aside from her dilemma, she must balance her academics, her social life, and of course, her love life. What’s HS drama when there’s no romance conflict?

Aside from the cliques and romance, this book tackled one of the problems of HS freshmen – HOW TO ADJUST IN THE VICIOUS WORLD CALLED HIGH SCHOOL. Honestly, high school is just one out of the too many chapters in the book called life. Each of us have had a bad experience when we were in high school but I know that we’ve learned a thing or two from those experiences. 🙂

Here are some of the lines from the book that I’ve tabbed:

“People aren’t supposed to think that they are ugly. But they’re not really allowed to think that they are pretty. So was everyone supposed to think of themselves as somewhere in the middle? How silly is that?”

“If he asked me to the moon I would go.”

“But a guy that you say his first and last name every time you talk about him, even in your head, is a heart breaker.”


This book will surely make you say “OMG. That also happened to me!” when you come across one of the scenes. It will also make you scream at Marjorie for being so naive, so shy, and so on! You can learn from her words of wisdom and those will make you realize a lot of things. You can totally relate to this and maybe you’ll even tear up or laugh out loud. Trust me, you will. Xoxo

MY RATING: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

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