Hello there! If you have a “bookstagram” account on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve heard about (or even joined) some giveaways being sponsored by bookstagram accounts. Most of them feature not only books but also other great goodies.

Giveaways are the perfect times for you (for us) to have the chance of owning books without spending money! However, joining GAs is a bit of a hassle. For one thing, it can ruin your account’s theme (which you’ve been working on for a long time already). Another thing is that it can annoy your followers,which makes you lose them eventually. But don’t lose hope! Here are some tips that could help you whilst you continue joining GAs:

  1. JOIN LEGIT GIVEAWAYS. Some accounts just make up giveaways just to gain more followers. Be sure that you trust the account. (WOW, BIG WORD)
  2. CHOOSE THE GIVEAWAYS. If you believe you don’t have tons of luck, choose carefully what giveaway you should join. A giveaway with few participants will give you a higher chance of winning. It’s what I call “winning strategy”.
  3. FOLLOW THE RULES. Joining GAs will be a waste if you are not a good follower. You should read the GA rules carefully and DO CORRECTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!
  4. REPOST MODERATELY. If the GA requires reposting a picture, be sure not to annoy your followers (!!!). You should probably give a time allowance between reposts so that it would not be annoying.
  5. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. If you believe in God, or whoever you worship to, be sure to ask him/her for guidance, luck, and of course, for that win! PRAYERS DO MOVE MOUNTAINS.

I hope those tips have enlightened you in a way or two. Don’t lose hope when you did not win a giveaway in your first try, second try, or so on… Remember, NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN MIRACLES! Xoxo


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