Almost a month ago, I joined Ate Oleen’s ( giveaway in the hopes of having the chance to snag the prizes: the Before I Fall book and a bookmark. I didn’t want to join at first, for knowing I have a slim chance of winning. But of course, the bookworm in me did not surrender. I reposted her giveaway photo and waited for the announcement day to come.

Alas! On the most awaited day, a notification came showing that Ate Oleen had tagged me in post  with a video of her drawing the winner – my Instagram name. I was really overwhelmed at that time. I was shouting “OH MY GOSH!” in my room. My mother even asked me what happened, why I was shouting. It was a lucky day, really.

Being a bookworm who has no extra money for buying expensive books saddens me. I was always seeing Before I Fall in a local bookstore at the mall, and I was always out of money to buy it. (#THESTRUGGLEISREAL) Joining Ate’s giveaway was such a blessing for me. I did not only win a book but I also gained a new bookstagram friend – Ate Oleen. I know joining giveaways is a hassle and annoys most of your Instagram followers but nothing will be lost, right? (except maybe for your precious time and phone’s battery life) So, JOIN AS MANY GIVEAWAYS AS YOU CAN! And keep the fire of being a bookworm burning.  Xoxo


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